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For hundreds of years now, sewing has been a well-loved hobby for many people.  From the bygone days of using the old-fashioned pedal type sewing machine to sophisticated high-technology sewing machines that can basically take on any sewing requirement that you could ever think of, home sewing now has become more of a pleasure than a task.

If you have a passion for sewing and are seriously considering setting up a sewing room or space at home you have to consider several factors and apply creative ideas that could make your sewing time pleasurable and engaging. This article will give you inspirations and sewing room/space...

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Hello! It's Sarah here from Tall Poppy Craft Products. You probably noticed that things look a bit different here at Well, we thought our previous website was getting a little old and weary so we had to retire it.

We're pleased to announce that our new website has launched into April 2015 with a bang and we are so pleased with our beautiful new mascot, Poppy the giraffe.

We hope you come to love her as much as we have loved creating her! 

We've really "stuck our neck out" (oh dear!) and dug up some great specials to help kick us along with our launch so please check them out.


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