Interfacing / Support

A small range of interfacings that will help make your bag padded or stand up straight and tall.

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  • Quilted calico
    100% cotton calico. Quilted backing. Perfect for using as lining or padding because it adds a little weight and "puffiness" to your bags. 47" (120cm) wide. The price displayed is the price for one yard. ..
  • Textile board bag bottoms / stiffener support panels
    Textile board provides your bags with structure and support. No more sagging, scrunching, drooping or falling over. Benefits include: clean, box shape lines for your bags; sturdy bag bases; your bags can stand upright by themselves. Textile board is a non-woven textile which is both rigid ..
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  • Vilene fusible fleece
    Iron-on fleece made by Vilene. Approximately 4mm thick. 35¾" (91cm) wide. This fusible fleece is a great replacement for quilted calico if you are making a lot of little coin purses and need to save time! Available by the yard. The price displayed is the price per yard. ..
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