Bamboo bag handles - Interchangeable large horse shoe

Bamboo bag handles - Interchangeable large horse shoe

Brand: Tall Poppy Craft Products
Product Code: hb11
In Stock
Price: US$6.99

All natural bamboo handbag handles. Bamboo is an eco-friendly fast-growing renewable resource. These handles are protected with a coat of semi-gloss clear varnish. Features a removable slider bar so that you can slide your bags onto the handle very easily. 6¾" (17cm) wide x 7½ (19cm) high. The price displayed is the price for a pair.

These large interchangeable handles are compatible with our Sakura Bag pattern. The interchangeable / removable sliding bar on these handles allows you to create many different Sakura Bags using just the one pair of handles. You can make a "work" Sakura Bag and a "casual" Sakura Bag - just slide the first bag off the slider bar and slide the second bag onto the slider bar, secure into position by tightening the little screws on the sides and you're ready to go. You end up with many different fashion looks with one pair of handles!

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