Downloadable pattern - Bermuda bag

Downloadable pattern - Bermuda bag

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The removable cover makes the Bermuda bag one of the most practical bags ever invented. The Bermuda Bag pattern has been designed especially for use with the Bermuda bag handles (handles sold separately). Popularized in the 70s, Bermuda bags were carried around in all kinds of bright preppy fabric (the preppier the better). The design of the bag itself is made up of a Bermuda bag handle, a removable Bermuda bag cover and a fixed Bermuda bag lining. The idea behind the design is to make different Bermuda bag covers – each one to match a different outfit. Make one Bermuda bag cover for the movies or shopping, another cover for a night out and a third cover for work. Simply unbutton the first Bermuda bag cover from the lining and button on a new Bermuda bag cover. Create unlimited looks with just the one pair of handles.

Finished size for the Bermuda Bag: Approximately 10” (26cm) wide x 8½” (22cm) high (dimensions exclude handles).

View back of envelope here.

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